Hauptübersicht für kNOw RISK Risikomanagement

Riskanalysis without Chaos

The most important features for a clear and easy riskanalysis, compact in one software, to speed up your hazard management.

Build up your individual Company Process

With an easy and userfriendly Process-Designer you can simply build up the processes of your company and use it for your risk management and analysis.

Übersichtliche Oberfläche für Risikomanagement

Userfriendly Overview

Easy navigation over all features and a simple order of the interface. Our team worked hard together with different companies to study the risk-analysis-process to make your work as simple as possible to save your time.

Individual Workenvironment

Create a workenvironment specifically designed for your organisation. With an individual matrix, decisiontree and teams you can work clear and efficiently.

Matritzen für Risikomanagement
Risikomanagement Software Tools

Lots of tools to make your work easier

Different tools and interfaces are specificaly designed for risk analysis and make you able to revise and manage all hazards in a simple way.

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Jessica Jones

Marketing & Sales

Wade Wilson

Systems Architect

Why kNOw RISK ?

Prozess Designer

Einfache Erstellung individueller Prozessabläufe und bereitstellung von benutzerfreundlichen Editoren


Risikoanalyse genau zugeschnitten auf Ihre Bedürfnisse mit allen wichtigen Funktionen zur Analyse


Wir helfen Light- und Premiumkunden bei Problemen und sind offen für persönliche Wünsche


Integrierte E-Mail-Funktionalität um Erinnerungsemails oder Informationen einfach zu verschicken


Sie können Ihre eigenen Matrizen in die Software integrieren und für Ihre Analysen nutzen

Automatische Updates

Solange Sie die Software nutzen können Sie immer aktuelle Updates und Funktionen nachinstallieren

Process Designer

Easy and simple creation of individual processes with an userfriendly editor designed for risk-analysis

Transparent Risk-Analysis

Risk-analysis specially design for your needs with all important features to keep management and revision as simple as possible


Substantial possibilities to create fast reports of all your documented information, processes, activities, analysis, etc.

E-Mail Generation for Activities

Integrated e-mail-functionality to send notifications and information easily to your team to remember all important activities

Individual Workenvironment

You can create easily workenvironments and use them for you analysis and processes

Updates and Support

With the premium version you receive always the up-to-date software-features and have personal support for questions and problems

Choose your Plan

Choose the plan, which is perfectly suitable for you and your organisation. With the testversion you can test all features inside your environment and see if it works for you



  • Create Activities

  • Essential Tools

  • Simple Analysis Creation

  • E-Mail and Report Features

  • Support

  • Individualization


€200/year per person

  • Create Activities

  • All Analysis Tools

  • Extensive Workenvironment

  • E-Mail and Report Features

  • Support

  • Latest Updates

  • Individualization

You want to save or no plan fits your needs ?

“Best app i have ever seen in my 5 years of app development”

“These guys made my work easier and faster for a great price”

“The productivity of this app is fabulous and is very quick.”

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